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Kris Gray

Kris is an amazing Astrologer and Intuitive Chart Forecaster!

 She has dedicated over 30 years to studying Astrology charts and transit predictions. In all this time, Kris has attracted clients looking for Love, Business Success, and Spiritual Alignment. She does this by harnessing the power of your birth planets to show you how to achieve what you want in this lifetime.

The way YOUR stars align is unique to you and she guides you through your natural gifts to help you unlock your cosmic potential. Knowing why your Spirit chose the exact moment to be born will help you manifest your most treasured desires.

Your personal Astrology Chart and Forecast is available here: Kris Gray – Astrologer

2024 Vibe

2023 was the Concentrate on What’s Important year and designed to draw to you ideas about your purpose, who you love and what brings you love. It may have also been a year of disruption that pulled away from you the situations that were unhealthy or caused you pain. Mostly, 2022 was about loving and accepting your personal unique vibration.

That said:

2024 adds up to a 8 in numerology and resonates to the planet Saturn. Saturn represents Fate, Karma and Destiny. This new year is justice to your individual vibration and what is “right” for you. Choosing those people that agree with your vision of the world. Those born under the sign of Capricorn will be especially “lucky” in 2024 and will draw important people to them.

Remember that nature abhors a vacuum. Ridding the unwanted energy of 2023 with a practical clean out of things in your living space will allow new things to present themselves in 2023. Make it a goal to have one drawer, one shelf, one cabinet in each room totally empty so that you are setting up the energy to receive. Hang all the hanger hooks backwards in your closet to see what you’re actually wearing (and decide in 6 months what you will keep or donate). Get rid of any clothes at the end of the year on a reversed hanger.

Consider a sage-ing of your living space. Full instructions to sage are available here:

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