2022 Vibe

2021 was a Communication year and designed to allow us to present to others what’s most important.

2022 adds up to a 6 in numerology and resonates to the planet Venus. It is the year of Love. Loving those around you, loving what you do and living through your heart.

Remember that nature abhors a vacuum. Ridding the unwanted energy of 2021 with a practical clean out of things in your living space will allow new things to present themselves in 2022. Make it a goal to have one drawer, one shelf, one cabinet in each room totally empty so that you are setting up the energy to receive. Hang all the hanger hooks backwards in your closet to see what you’re actually wearing (and decide in 6 months what you will keep or donate). Get rid of any clothes on a hanger that is reversed.

Consider a sage-ing of your living space. Full instructions to sage are available here: http://mona.vegas/how-to-sage-your-home/

Spending time with ourselves in 2021 was to show us what truly makes us happy and purposeful. 2022 is be an action year as soon as YOU decide what the highest form of love looks like. It’s truly that simple. Speak aloud what you love to give that power, and do not speak aloud what you don’t want. 

I present The 9 Day Energy Reset to draw to you what you want. www.9DayER.com

Make 2022 the year that YOU get what YOU want!

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